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Best X ray scan center in Borviali

Desai Orthopedic X-Ray and Scan Clinic is a well-known diagnostic center which is providing quality service in Borivali.

We are the Best X-ray scan center in Borivali. We are the leader in diagnostics and cover everything from pathology.

At Desai orthopedic clinic, our focus is on providing high-quality, specialized healthcare services at affordable rates that are also accessible to people living in Borivali and its surrounding towns.

best x ray scan center in Borivali

What is an x-ray scan?

An x-ray scan is a type of radiation that doctors can use to look inside the human body to find out what is inside it. Most doctors use x-rays to look inside a patient’s body to see things like a person’s bones, which can be a sign of a broken bone. A doctor can also use x-rays to help diagnose some cancerous tumors by seeing inside the body and showing a person with cancer. What types of x-rays are available in a scan center? Most people are familiar with the black and white x-rays that they’ve seen in medical pictures. These are the type of x-rays most people see. However, different x-rays can look inside a person’s body. We call the most popular of these hard x-rays and soft x-rays.


Why do we need x-rays?

When your doctor tells you that something is wrong with you, you’d usually want to see a professional understand what’s going on. Often you’ll also want to get an x-ray to determine if you’re okay and if you’re likely to need further medical care. An x-ray lets doctors see what’s happening inside the body and how to treat it. You need x-rays to check if your bones are healthy. If they are not, then you might have a condition like osteoporosis. You need to check if your bones are healthy if you want to go swimming and diving or take up skiing and snowboarding. For most people, especially those of us who have our bones packed together in clunky shoes, a bone scan is the only test you’ll need.


How Can An X-Ray Scan Help?

In our modern age, most medical emergencies are preventable. Diseases that were thought to have been eradicated are still very common. It’s for this reason that an x-ray scan is so useful. If we can detect a disease early, we can help prevent symptoms and save lives. An x-ray scan can even help detect abnormal pregnancy and birth abnormalities. If you suspect you are pregnant, don’t ignore the symptoms. An x-ray scan can also detect injuries, diseases, and even tumors.